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With Round I of the MDTF completing in June 2015 (with the exception of a few projects that will be extended), Round II is being planned. Drawing from lessons learned and other research studies, Round II will adopt a programmatic approach which is more flexible, strategic, responsive, and less fragmented. Consultative sessions have been held with the provincial governments and the FATA Secretariat to identify key development priorities for Round II. The three programme pillars are; growth and job creation, policy reform and governance and service delivery. Round II will also have a crisis response mechanism to provide support to the Internally Displaced Persons and a competitive window to reward good performance. The cross-cutting themes are gender, strategic communications, monitoring and evaluation, conflict sensitivity and state-citizen trust.

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Building state - citizen trust

This video documents the journey of the creation of MDTF, highlighting the human face of the crisis and show casing the impact of MDTF's work.


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