Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan Multi-donor Trust Fund was formed in August 2010 as a financing mechanism to mobilize resources from development partners to restore infrastructure, improve public services and livelihoods, and address factors that contributed to destabilization in the region. Since 2017, the MDTF continues to support Balochistan and KP, including the Merged Areas (formerly known as Newly Merged Areas) that officially became part of KP’s provincial jurisdiction – a milestone in advancing state citizen trust.

MDTF portfolio is structured across three complimentary areas that together strengthen state-citizen trust: good governance, livelihood development and improvements to public service delivery. As such, MDTF investments are designed and implemented under three program pillars: (I) Policy Reform and Governance, (II) Growth and Job Creation, and (III) Service Delivery. The investment portfolio also places a strong emphasis on two cross-cutting themes: gender-inclusive development and youth empowerment.

How we build state-citizen trust?

I: Focus on policy reforms to improve public service delivery and efficiency, while also increasing transparency and accountability.

II: Targets economic growth and key sectors to stimulate job creation, especially for the women and youth.

III: Aims to increase citizen-engagement to align public service delivery to community-development strategies.

MDTF in Numbers

From the Field


Governance Icon

Governance and Policy Project for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

To strengthen capacity for Sales Tax on Services collection, and improve public investment management and accountability of public service delivery in the water sector in KP…

Growth and Job Creation Icon

Economic Revitalization of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

To support the Government of Pakistan in creating sustainable employment opportunities, generating private sector investment, and laying the foundations for the future…

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Citizen Centric Service Delivery Project

Building upon the Newly Merged Areas Temporarily Displaced Persons Emergency Recovery Project, the CFC Project aims “to support the early recovery of families affected by the crisis…