9 June, 2020

Governance and Policy Project for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

To strengthen capacity for Sales Tax on Services collection, and improve public investment management and accountability of public service delivery in the water sector in KP…
9 June, 2020

Governance and Policy Project – Balochistan

GPP Balochistan was built on the achievements of the Governance Support Project (GSP) to deepen institutional reforms, and target specific outcomes in the Government’s…
9 June, 2020

Economic Revitalization of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

To support the Government of Pakistan in creating sustainable employment opportunities, generating private sector investment, and laying the foundations for the future…
1 June, 2020

The Economic Revitalization Project Helps the Government of KP Respond to COVID-19

Rapid-response financing was made available through the Economic Revitalization of KP and Fata Project (ERKF), under its Project…
5 May, 2020

KP Governance and Policy Project Quickly Responds to Help Government Tackle COVID-19

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) for the Governance and Policy Project, (KP- GGP), under its Project…
15 April, 2020

MDTF Supported Fellows Program Steps Up in Response to COVID-19

The MDTF has supported youth inclusion in the digital economy through the development of the Digital KP strategy that outlined a series…
15 April, 2020

Balochistan Governance and Policy Project Helping Increase Revenue

The MDTF funded Balochistan GPP project continues to help increase effectiveness of Sales Tax collection in Balochistan. These efforts have translated…
15 April, 2020

Digital Jobs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Project

The DJKP Project was developed with the PDO to promote inclusion of women and youth in the digital economy. The project is being implemented through the […]
13 April, 2020

Citizen Centric Service Delivery Project

Building upon the Newly Merged Areas Temporarily Displaced Persons Emergency Recovery Project, the CFC Project aims “to support the early recovery of families affected by the crisis…