HomeCompetitive Industries Project for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Grant Amount: US$ 9.0 million
Project Effectiveness Date: August 2013
Project Closing Date: December 2015
Status: Completed
Geographic Area: Marble City, Risalpur, and selected districts of KP

Implementing Agency

Department of Industries

Government of KP

PCNA Priority (Pillar)

Strategic Objective 2: Stimulate employment and livelihood opportunities.


To improve the competitiveness of the marble and food processing sectors in KP by providing shared infrastructure and relevant skills along the marble sector value chain and by addressing knowledge and coordination gaps along the food processing sector value chain.


Enterprises and Key Stakeholders in KP's marble and horticulture sectors.

Achievements on completion of project

  • Machinery pool at Risappur Marble City (KP province) operational since December 2015 as a result of CIPK's support.
  • Procured machinery and equipment( including 13 excavators) rented out to miners in the marble sector and now fully deployed at the mining sites.
  • As a result, more than 200 direct jobs have been created in the industry.
  • Supported the completion of two feasibility studies on KP's agribusiness sector; (i) Value Chain Analysis and (ii) Dates Processing Unit.