Governance and Policy Project Merged Areas



To increase transparency and effectiveness in public resource management and strengthen accountability of public service delivery in the agriculture sector of Newly Merged Areas.

Grant Amount: US$ 14 million (original project) + 4 million (additional financing)
Duration: May 23, 2017 - June 30, 2020
Newly Merged Areas

Implementing Agency

Planning and Development Department (P&D), Finance Department and Newly Merged Areas Secretariat.

PCNA Pillar

Strategic Objective 1: Build responsiveness and effectiveness of the State.


P&D Department, Newly Merged Areas
Finance Department, Newly Merged Areas
Newly Merged Areas Tribunal
Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation


US$ 0.7 million


  • GPP’s Operations Support Unit (OSU) is fully operational with financial management, procurement capacity and a Project Operations Manual.
  • Public Financial Management (PFM) certification program will be launched soon.