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The MDTF is governed by: (a) Administration Agreements between the World Bank and development partners; and, (b) Grant Agreements between the Bank and grant recipients being Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and FATA. The Bank administers the MDTF in accordance with its guidelines and procedures including the Bank's fiduciary policies and framework regarding governance and anti-corruption.

The oversight body for the MDTF activities is the Steering Committee. Representatives from the development partner community sit on this committee which is co-chaired by the Government of Pakistan and the World Bank. The Steering Committee:

1) provides advisory guidance on program strategic goals, grant criteria and other high-level issues;
2) reviews and endorses the results matrix for the MDTF and the achievement of results envisaged for the MDTF;
3) provides advocacy support; and
4) reviews and makes recommendations regarding the overall allocation of fund resources across fund pillars.

The World Bank as the Administrator of the MDTF is responsible for appraisal, implementation review, and monitoring and reporting on all performance aspects of fund-financed activities. The Administrator ensures that funds are disbursed in accordance with the grant and administration agreements. The Administrator has the authority to deny funding to any activity where, in its view, significant doubts arise as to whether the funds concerned will be effectively utilized for the agreed purpose.

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