HomeGovernance and Policy Program for FATA


Grant Amount: US$14 million
Duration: May 23, 2017 - June 30, 2020
Progress towards acheivement of objective: Moderately Satisfactory
Overall Implementation Progess: Moderately Unsatisfactory
Disbursement Status: On track

Implementing Agencies

Planning and Development Department (P&D), Finance Department and FATA Secretariat.

PCNA Pillar

Strategic Objective 1: Build responsiveness and effectiveness of the State.


To increase transparency and effectiveness in public resource management and strengthen accountability of public service delivery in the agriculture sector of FATA.


P&D Department, FATA
Finance Department, FATA
FATA Tribunal
Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation


US$ 0.7 million

Achievements as of June 2017

  • GPP’s Operations Support Unit (OSU) is fully operational with financial management, procurement capacity and a Project Operations Manual.

  • Public Financial Management (PFM) certification program will be launched soon.