Operational Policy 8.0

MDTF projects being implemented by World Bank teams are using Operational Policy 8.0 , which spells out how the Bank will respond to crises and emergencies. The policy enables Bank teams to implement projects with expedited processing of approvals, thereby allowing the Bank to assist communities in need of assistance as fast as possible.

Environmental and Social Safeguards Assessment Framework for the MDTF

To provide a mechanism to carry out appropriate assessment of environment and social impacts and implement necessary safeguard measures under these emergency operations, an Environmental and Social Screening and Assessment Framework (1581 KB) has been developed, in line with the Bank’s safeguard and emergency response policies for MDTF operations.

Operations Manual

The Operations Manual (283 KB) will be used by the MDTF Secretariat and project teams to guide the operations of the trust fund and will also serve as a point of reference for other MDTF stakeholders.