HomeStrengthening Health Services in Crisis-affected Districts of KP


Grant Amount: US$ 16 million
Project Effectiveness Date: April 12, 2012
Project Closing Date: December 2015
Status: Completed
Geographical Area:
Battagram, Bunner, D. I. Khan, Kohistan, Lower Dir and Thor Gar districts of KP

Implementing Agency

Health Sector Reform Unit (HSRU) Department of Health

PCNA Priorities (Pillars)

Strategic Objective 1: Build Responsiveness and Effectiveness of the State

Strategic Objective 3: Ensure the delivery of basic services

Strategic Objective 4: Counter Radicalisation and Foster Reconciliation


To improve the availability, accessibility and delivery of primary and secondary healthcare services at the district level.


The Government KP through capacity building and reform

The people of selected districts in KP, through improved access to and better quality of health services

Achievements on completion of project

  • A total of 1,365 staff trained at health units.
  • A total of 126 health facilities renovated/refurbished in four districts.
  • A total of 3,816,585 people obtained access to basic health services, nutrition and reproductive health services.